Lexapro 20 mg

Lexapro (escitalopram) could be prescribed for clients identified with misery and stress and anxiety that have to keep their signs controlled. This medication is intended for clients of a minimum of 12 years of ages and is not expected to be used for younger patients due to the fact that there is a possibility of them developing some hazardous health effects. You must not take Lexapro along with any sort of monoamine oxidase preventions, as a sudden and extreme response may develop as an outcome of that. At least 14 days are expected to pass from the minute you took a MAO inhibitor last. If you develop any type of state of mind adjustments or other signs of the kind - make certain you call your medical company as quickly as feasible. Inform your physician about any kind of medical problems you have actually ever before been identified with, as this might be important in identifying your amount. The following disorders are supposed to be stated: suicidal thoughts, a past of medicine misuse, renal or liver condition, bipolar illness, and seizures. If you took place to take excessive of Lexapro and get symptoms such as complication, quick heartbeat, seizures, puking, coma, sweating, lightheadedness, and nausea, find emergency health care help. Constantly take Lexapro precisely as suggested.