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Lexapro (escitalopram) could be prescribed for people diagnosed with depression and stress and anxiety that need to keep their signs under control. This medicine is planned for clients of at the very least 12 years of ages and is not expected to be utilized for more youthful patients since there is an opportunity of them developing some unsafe health and wellness effects. You must not take Lexapro together with any monoamine oxidase preventions, as a unexpected and severe response may develop as an outcome of that. At least 14 days are expected to pass from the minute you took a MAO prevention last. If you create any state of mind modifications or other symptoms of the kind - make certain you call your medical carrier when feasible. Tell your medical professional about any sort of clinical problems you have ever before been diagnosed with, as this may be vital in identifying your dose. The following conditions are expected to be pointed out: suicidal thoughts, a record of medicine kidney, liver or misuse illness, bipolar illness, and seizures. If you happened to take too much of Lexapro and obtain symptoms such as complication, fast heart beat, seizures, puking, coma, sweating, queasiness, and dizziness, seek emergency health care assistance. Constantly take Lexapro precisely as recommended.

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