Medicine Lexapro

Lexapro (escitalopram) is often recommended for the treatment of depression, and can additionally be used to address generalised stress and anxiety disorder. Ensure you speak to your medical company prior to taking Lexapro to see to it you are visiting profit from the treatment. You will should tell your medical company if you have seizures, thyroid gland condition, liver condition, heart problem, kidney disease, or a recent past of cardiac arrest, as a few of those factors might call for a dose adjustment or your physician will decide your disorder ought to be monitored very carefully for side effects. Such light side effects as dizziness, drippy nose, pyrosis ( heartburn ), nausea, tummy pain, constipation, completely dry mouth, diarrhea, boosted cravings, and drowsiness require to be mentioned to your healthcare carrier just if they obtain irritating. Let your medical professional understand if you are visiting take other medications - especially tranquilizers, lithium, cimetidine, seizure medications, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants, medications for migraine hassles, sedatives, ketoconazole, antihistamines, medications for anxiety, various other antidepressants, and sleeping tablets as they could connect with Lexapro.

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